Scanning XPS Microprobe

X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS/ESCA) is the most widely used surface analysis technique and has many well established industrial and research applications. XPS provides quantitative elemental and chemical state information from surfaces and thin film structures. XPS is applied to a diverse range of materials applications including: polymers, metals, catalysts, thin films, photovoltaics, batteries, wear coatings, nanomaterials, semiconductor devices, magnetic storage media, display technology, and biomedical devices.

New features available with VersaProbe II include a 128 channel detector, a new SmartSoft user interface, and optional 20 kV C60 + , and 20 kV Ar2500 + cluster source ion guns for polymer and organic thin film analysis.

Unique technology

PHI’s patented scanning x-ray source provides a scanning microprobe environment for performing microarea XPS analysis. An electronically raster scanned micro-focused electron beam strikes an aluminum anode creating a point source of aluminum x-rays. The ellipsoidal shaped monochromator delivers a scannable focused beam of monochromatic aluminum x-rays to the sample surface. When the electron beam is scanned on the aluminum anode, the x-ray beam is scanned on the sample surface. The diameter of the x-ray beam can be adjusted from less than 10 µm to 300 µm in diameter. The maximum field of view for the scanned x-ray source is approximately 1400 x 1400 µm. Patents: US 5315113, US 5444242, JP 3752252B2, JP 3754696B2, EP 0590308B1, EP 0669635B1, EP 1220280B1

Large Area XPS

Whether you are analyzing electrically isolated solder bumps, steel test coupons, solar cells, or powder samples; the instrument setup is the same. Point and click at an image to select the analysis areas. Then start the analysis with the dual beam neutralizer and auto-Z functions activated to provide automatic sample alignment and charge neutralization. There is no individual sample tuning, no concern over sample composition and size, and no worries about walking away from the instrument and letting it automatically collect data from all your samples.

Micro Area XPS

The core technology of the VersaProbe II is PHI’s patented, monochromatic, micro-focused, scanning x-ray source which provides excellent large area and superior micro-area performance. The electronically raster scanned x-ray source enables x-ray beam induced secondary electron imaging, XPS imaging with 128 channel spectra at each image pixel, confident point-and-click analysis area selection, single point and multipoint analysis.

Inorganic thin film analysis

• 0-5 kV Ar+ floating column ion gun

• Low voltage depth profiling for ultra thin films

• Bend in ion column to stop neutrals

• Compucentric Zalar Rotation

• Effective dual beam charge neutralization

• Micro-area depth profiling

• Multi-point depth profiling


Organic thin film analysis

• Optional 10 and 20 kV C60 + ion guns

• Optional 20 kV Ar2500 + gas cluster ion gun

• Mass filtered cluster ion sources

• Bend in ion columns to stop neutrals

• Compucentric Zalar Rotation

• Optional cold sample stage with Zalar Rotation

• Effective dual beam charge neutralization

• Micro-area depth profiling

• Multi-point depth profiling

SmartSoft – VersaProbe

• Intuitive single window user interface

• Predefined data views

• Session tabs guide you through the analysis process

• Integrated sample platen management

• Point and click analysis area definition on saved images

• Robust user friendly queuing of multiple analysis tasks

• Multi-point analysis and sputter depth profiling within an imaged area

• Fully integrated control of optional accessories




· Scanned, micro-focused, monochromatic x-ray beam

· X-ray beam induced secondary electron imaging

· Dual beam charge neutralization

· 128 channel detection

· Large area XPS

· Micro area XPS

· Chemical state imaging

· Thin film analysis

· Floating column argon ion gun

· Compucentric Zalar rotation

· Angle dependent XPS

· Five axis automated sample manipulator

· 25 mm and 60 mm diameter sample holders


· 10 kV C60 + ion gun

· 20 kV C60 + ion gun

· 20 kV Ar 2500 + gas cluster ion gun

· 100 nm Scanning AES

· UV light source for UPS

· Dual anode, achromatic x-ray source

· Hot / Cold sample manipulator

· Custom sample preparation chambers

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